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Betty Reeves

Betty Photo-72 dpi_Fotor

Betty Reeves, former volunteer and owner of Ryerss horse, Winston, passed away in May 2015.  Betty came to Ryerss as a volunteer in August 2010 when Winston retired here. Betty was devoted to Winston and also to Winston’s best buddy, Butkus (both with her in photo above). She was a knowledgeable horsewoman who was always willing and happy to help with the care of any horse in the herd who needed special attention. She knew all of Winston’s little games, and many times we all watched as Winston came running in from the field, only to try and escape going into his stall so he could take a tour of the barn first! Betty was ready for him and generally caught him before he could slip by us, Even after she could no longer volunteer, due to a continuing heart condition, she and her daughter Sherry packed and sent baggies of extra supplements for both Winston and Butkus, as a treat to be added to their daily grain. This past winter after a bad storm, she had brought blankets in for Winston and Butkus, because she was afraid they might be cold. Betty was a big help with the Ryerss Annual Yard Sale. We knew she could not lift anything heavy; however, she used to own a packaging store, so was great at sealing boxes. She also helped with some of the pricing. Betty truly cared about all of the horses at Ryerss and many of us have very fond memories of her years as a volunteer. 


MARION PEDRICK of Coatesville, PA

Marion Pedrick_Fotor

Marion began volunteering at Ryerss in October 2010, after picking up a brochure about Ryerss at the Devon Horse Show. She decided to become a Ryerss volunteer, because of  “my love of horses and wanting to give my love and caring to them, and to make a small contribution to their well-being.” As a volunteer, she most enjoys connecting with the horses, as each one has his/her own personality, and feeling their appreciation when she is caring for them.

Marion volunteers at Ryerss two days a week. She has also volunteered at the Devon Horse Show for 25 years. Her favorite Ryerss horses are Bailey, Heyer and Butkus, because “they just seem to connect with me when I talk to or groom them. It’s a wonderful feeling!”

Although she has never owned a horse of her own, over the years Marion has enjoyed casual riding with friends who owned horses. She has ridden in Wyoming (“beautiful!”) and in the Yukon (“marvelous!”) Trail riding is the type of riding she most enjoys.

When not volunteering at Ryerss, Marion enjoys gardening, reading, walking (“in good weather”), and helping people. She has a beautiful, black-and-white longhaired cat named Toby.

According to Marion, the best part about being a Ryerss volunteer is,  “the commitment and camaraderie with all the volunteers. We all have the same love and caring for the well-being of each horse. A wonderful group of kind people!”

Marion & Bailey_Fotor

 Marion & Bailey



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