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Our Three New Mares


On October 9, 2016, Ryerss Farm became the new permanent home for three mares who all arrived together as rescues from the Large Animal Protective Society.  They had been adopted several years earlier by a woman who could no longer care for them and, therefore, returned them to LAPS.  As all three were in their 20’s and could not be adopted as riding horses, they needed a permanent home to live out their retirement years. Ryerss has generously agreed to provide that place.  Please visit Ginger and her friends, Peanut and Bianca, when you come to the farm.  They currently reside in the two adjoining pastures north of the upper barn and silo. They are a friendly group and will welcome a treat of cut up apples or carrots.

If you can, please consider sponsoring one of these lovely mares.  Visit our SPONSOR A HORSE page and see how you can help for less than a dollar a day!