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J Memorial Horses continued

Jessica Head ShotJIVIN’ JESSICA was a 15.2 hand chestnut Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse cross.  During her career, Jessica performed at the Training Level in dressage and also performed in eventing.  She was born in 1985 and lived with her former owner since she was four years old until the time she retired to Ryerss Farm in March, 2007 at the age of 22.  For many of the years she was at Ryerss, Jessica could always be found with her close friend Jack, a draft horse who was devoted to her and rarely let her out of his sight.  Jessica was a beautiful horse with a sweet personality – just  a lovely mare all around.  We lost Jessica on  November 1, 2015 due to severe and painful foot issues that could not be cured.  Everyone loved her friendly personality, and she will be missed at Ryerss Farm.

CONCHO DOO (“JUDD”), a registered Quarter Horse, foaled in 1987, came to New Jersey from Arizona in 1992.  He worked as a Team Roping Heading Horse at PRCA rodeos.  He switched careers to a Heeling Horse, gave lessons, enjoyed trail rides and participated at local shows.  In 2002, Judd was chosen as one of four local horses selected to appear   in the movie, Elf, filmed in New York City’s Central Park with Will Ferrell, James Caan and Bob Newhart.  Judd was voted the most obedient and cooperative horse of the chosen four.

In July of 2007, the movie star retired to Ryerss Farm. He had a long love affair with Chrissy but became a bit undecided when C’est What retired in July of 2011.  When Maxie arrived in September of 2011, he filled up Chrissy’s dance card so thus began the love affair between C’est and Judd.

There was never a day when they were apart.  Arthritis and degenerative joint disease caused Judd to slow his step, but C’est always waited for him. His ailments progressed and the kindest thing was to let him be pain free.  Judd was laid to rest Tuesday, September 18, 2012. He will be remembered for his soft eyes and the wonderful way of turning his head sideways to give you a kiss.   






Jumpin' JackJUMPIN’ JACK (“JACK”) was a dun Quarter horse mix.  Approximately 15 hands, he was born around 1984.  A rescued horse, Jack was brought to Ryerss Farm in July 2006 by Large Animal Protection Society (LAPS).  He was one of nine horses rescued from a poorly run farm. Jumpin’ Jack was so named because he was known to escape his adverse living conditions in search of food by jumping the fence and heading to a cow farm across the road. JJ was a friendly horse who had many friends over the years, both human and equine. Unfortunately, he suffered from ringbone, which eventually became very painful for him.  We lost Jack on August 27, 2017 after 11 years at Ryerss. He was one of our oldest retirees (well over 30) and he will be missed by all.