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“M” Horses – 2




IMG_8639MandyheadshotMANDY is a 20 year old Haflinger, who retired to Ryerss in June, 2014.  Her former owner had not ridden her for many years but loved to see her grazing in his pasture. She was also a broodmare who produced foals just as beaautiful as she is! Upon arriving at Ryerss, she met another new arrival, Dewey, who looks like a larger version of Mandy, and they became good friends quickly. Mandy is now enjoying spending her time grazing on the lush green pastures at Ryerss with her new friends and has settled in nicely.







maxheadMAX, a.k.a. MAXIE, is a Lilac Sabino Tennessee Walker, born in South Carolina.  Maxie was the most exquisitely-moving gaited horse that his former owner had ever seen. Max spent years with trainers, in seminars, clinics, learning ground work, centered riding and even studying some dressage.  He was retired and put out to pasture in 2001. Max became a personal friend and companion to his former owner, helping her recover from cancer.  Maxie taught his former owner enormous lessons of recovery and  enlightened her on how to respect, handle and truly love horses, not for what they can do for us but for what they are able to BE to us.








May DayMAY DAY (“DAY”) and May Evening were born in 1981, two days apart. They were raised as sisters, because one became an orphan shortly after birth and was raised by the mare who had just given birth to the other. May Day is a bay Morgan mare, born on May 1st. Her occupation was always trail riding, including riding on the Old Dominion Trail. May Day also was a regular in several parades, including the Apple Blossom Day Parade. Her former owner rode her on various trails in English, Western and Aussie saddles. On May 5, 2011, May Day, along with May Evening, became a Ryerss resident and moved into the historic upper barn, where they are part of a herd of 19 horses.







Born in 1993, MIGHTY MEMPHIS a.k.a. “MEMPHIS,” is registered and certified as both a Rocky Mountain and Mountain Pleasure horse.  He is “dark chocolate” with a flaxen mane and tail and in the summer he lightens in color to “milk chocolate.”  He is a 15.2 hands tall gaited horse, whose gait is so smooth, his former owner said she could drink a cup of coffee while riding without spilling a drop. His favorite times with his former owner were spent riding through the Pine Barrens of New Jersey.  Though he was a breeding stallion for much of his life before his owner purchased him, his temperament and demeanor has always been quiet and sweet.  We are happy to welcome Memphis to the Ryerss Farm family.










MInglesheadshotMINGLING GLANCES (“MINGLES”), a 16.1hh bay Thoroughbred, born in 1994, was shipped to Ireland from the USA to race as a 2 and 3 year old.  In 1997 she returned to the USA where she continued to race until 1999.  She then became a broodmare having 7 foals.  Mingles retired to Ryerss Farm in February of 2015, along with her stablemates Pounce, Sequence and Smartie. 









IMG_8623headshotMinnieMINNIE (MIGNONNE) is a 16.2 hand bay Percheron/Thoroughbred cross mare.  She is easy to work with and easy to handle. She loves being groomed and enjoys the carrots and apples brought to her by the Ryerss visitors. Minnie is a part of the main herd at Ryerss and has made friends with Mandy and several others. She is a beautiful and impressive figure in the field.