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“R” Memorial Horses

Ralph headshot

RALPH: In September of 2004, a very large draft cross named 2614 came from Wyeth Pharmaceuticals to retire at Ryerss Farm.  He had been a part of a study to develop an anti-venom for snake bites. No one is quite sure how he ended up with the name Ralph, but it suited him.

Since his retirement here, he was known for his large, albeit gentle, demeanor.  He had a baritone whinny and would envelop your treat-offering hand with his larger-than-life lips. Most of his incisors were down to nubs, so there was never a tooth to be felt.

Throughout his stay in the main barn, there was a time or two when he got cast in his stall.  Ralph would lie there patiently, knowing that we would help move him far enough away from the wall or flip him so that he could get up.  He never struggled but trusted us to help him.

Recently, Ralph developed a tumor in his nostril that began to inhibit his ability to breathe without a struggle.  On Monday, Dec. 23, 2013, at the grand age of 31, Ralph and all his sixteen hundred plus pounds was gently eased across the Rainbow Bridge.  There will never be another Ralph, and we miss him.





Rambo-head-shot-cropped-300x300RAMBO, a 15hh sorrel quarter horse, arrived at Ryerss Farm on April 1, 2010.  He had spent his younger years as a cutting horse, travelling all over the U.S., and then eight years as a therapeutic riding horse.  Rambo was always easy to identify in a herd because the sheep, with which he lived before coming to Ryerss,  had eaten off much of his tail! As a resident of Ryerss, Rambo lived at the upper barn with the “pony herd” and eventually became special friends with Tess, an Appaloosa mare whose vision was failing.  He stayed close by her side as a guide to keep her from bumping into things she could not see.  The two of them spent this past summer together in a lovely pasture with their own shed, giving them privacy and safety for Tess.  In past weeks, however, Rambo began to fail, and on December 4, 2014, Rambo died, at 35, of old age.  He was a wonderful horse who will long be remembered by the many who loved him. 





On September 13th, 2008, READY was the 879th horse to retire at Ryerss Farm.  He was foaled in California and then spent time in Texas, where he received the brand “WB”.  “Ready Enforcer,” a registered Quarter Horse, then landed on the East Coast where he spent the majority of his time under saddle trail riding.

Two months after Ready was formally retired to Ryerss, Boca Boy came to live with us.  They soon became fast and furious friends.  Where one was, the other was in close proximity. 

Ready had more than his fair share of infirmities over the years that called for him to spend time closer to the barn.  Being the friend that he was, Boca was more comfortable staying with him rather than being out in the pasture. If Ready was slow to leave the barn, Boca would wait for him patiently.

As time went by, Ready would fail for a bit, but with constant care from staff and volunteers, as well as the never-ending support of his former family, he always managed to turn the corner.  Ready turned a lot of corners during his life with us here at Ryerss…he had made it around the block a time or two!

  On Tuesday, November 27, 2012, at the age of 31, Ready had swung around his last corner and was helped across the Rainbow Bridge. 

It will be a while before another pony fills those hooves for Boca Boy.