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“S” Memorial Horses continued

SPADES FORESPOT (“SPADE”) was a chestnut Quarter Horse.  He stood 15.1 hands.  Born in 1978, Spade was a true gentleman.  He had an active career as a western pleasure horse, winning many blue ribbons for his riders.  He also worked as a lesson horse and performed barrel racing, pole bending, team penning and trail riding before retiring to Ryerss in September 2006.













SpeedySPEED MINISTER (“SPEEDY”) was a bay Thoroughbred.  Born in 1986, she held a career in racing.  During her career, Speedy competed in 43 races, placing first in 12 of them.  She retired to Ryerss Farm with her best friend, DD, in April 2007. Speedy was a gentle and sweet mare who was friendly to all visitors and devoted to her friend DD. They were always side by side when out grazing in the pastures, always walked together when coming in and had side by side stalls in the main barn. Unfortunately, Speedy suffered from chronic hoof problems that eventually became too much for her to live with or treat in her old age.  On December 16, 2014, she was humanely euthanized. Speedy was 28 years old








StanleySTANLEY: In the fall of 2004, Ryerss became a forever home to an eighteen hand Belgian gelding named Stanley.  In his prior life, he was used in a pharmaceutical study developing an anti-venom for snake bites. It took years for Stanley to trust people because of his past life.  Sedation was added to grain to enable us to get him into the stocks to trim his hooves.

Slowly, over the years Stanley realized that we would not hurt him and trusted.  It was no longer necessary to use drugs for the farrier or dentist.  We were able to halter and lead him(most of the time). He really was a gentle giant and quite the landmark out in the field. 

During the fourth weekend in March, Stanley was not himself. We were unable to pinpoint exactly what the problem was. When you looked at him, he was the picture of health but something was going wrong on the inside which increased his heart rate dramatically.  On Monday, March 24th, 2014, at the grand age of 30, weighing close to 1800 pounds, Stanley was laid to rest.  There will never be another Stanley. 




STAR (YANKEE STAR), an Irish bred Thoroughbred mare, retired to Ryerss Farm in September 2005.  During her time with us, she never had any physical ailments nor was she ever a problem out in the herd. Star could always be found with her buddy, Sonny.  She was as sweet as the day is long.

On Sunday December15th, 2013, Star was showing signs of discomfort.  What was believed to be a mild impaction ended up being a far more serious condition that would only get worse so  she was helped across the Rainbow Bridge with love and dignity. 









STEP OUT PHYLLIS (“STEFFI”) was a grey Thoroughbred.  She stood 16 hands.  Born in 1984, Steffi held a varied career including racing, dressage and pleasure before retiring to Ryerss in June 2002.  She spent her time with best friends Willy and Elinka.  Steffi passed away on August 4, 2011.











SUGAR was a 15-hand sorrel horse.  Born in 1965, Sugar still holds the title for the oldest horse at Ryerss Farm.  Sugar retired to Ryerss in June 1991 following a career in western pleasure and trail riding.  A calm and quiet horse, Sugar enjoyed being ridden fast and was known to out-run Thoroughbreds.  Sugar never looked for trouble, but she considered herself the boss.  She could be found out to pasture with her friends, Skippy and Mr. Bee.  Sugar passed away on July 8, 2010, at the age of 45 years!