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O & P Memorial Horses

OLIVIA was a chestnut Thoroughbred.  Born in 1983, she stood 16 hands.  Found in a swamp of mud up to her knees, Olivia was rescued by Large Animal Protection Society (LAPS).  She was one of eight horses living at a poorly run farm.  LAPS rescued four that were in the worse condition, including Olivia.  A large dent between her eyes can lead one to imagine what Olivia must have endured.  After she was rescued, Olivia first was adopted as a trail riding horse; but that didn’t work.  Within approximately one year she was returned to LAPS.  She then found another home for approximately three years before returning to LAPS.  A third adoption only lasted a few months.  Due to soundness issues,  Olivia retired to Ryerss in August 2002.  She loved spending time in the fields with friends Jack and Wargod.  Olivia passed away on December 8, 2011.  She was a much loved mare, sweet and lovely.










OUTRAGEOUS OTTER was a bay Trakehner, Percheron and Thoroughbred cross.  He stood 15.3 hands.  Born in 1982, Otter showed in three-day eventing, dressage, and occasionally participated in foxhunting.  By the time he took his first retirement, Otter was schooling in dressage at the Prix St. Georges level.  During that retirement, while waiting for an opening at Ryerss, Otter served as a dressage schoolmaster and babysitter.  Otter’s sire, Adler, was a successful dressage horse.  His dam, Overcast, was a great jumper with an ability to jump six feet at a standstill.  Otter retired to Ryerss in June 2002, where he enjoyed spending his days out to pasture with his friends Gracie and Snowflake.  He passed away on April 23, 2011.








OZZIE was a grey Arabian and Quarter Horse cross.  He stood 14.2 hands.  Ozzie was born before 1983 and held a career in pleasure and trail riding.  He retired to Ryerss in May 2003 with Golden.  “The Great Oz”, as he was known in the barn, passed away on September 21, 2010.  He was a special favorite with many who cared for him and came to visit him regularly, bringing treats of applesauce and cooked carrots.











“PERIFICO,” meaning “At the Limit” (a.k.a. PERI), was a “Best Playing Pony” winner in the world of polo.  He competed for nine years at Tinicum Park.  The  impressive looking grey Thoroughbred was retired to Ryerss Farm in August of 2008 along with his buddy, Shelby. Shortly after his arrival here at Ryerss, he became fast and furious friends with DD, Speedy and Skippy.  You could watch him swapping leads as he was running out in the field.  That pony could turn on a dime!

Grey horses are very susceptible to melanomas.  Peri was no exception.  He had many lumps and bumps visible to all.  There was no way of knowing how many he had on the inside and what organs they could have been compromising. At 28 years old, the melanomas were getting the best of Peri.  During the week before Christmas, he became a bit unsteady, which could have been indicative of a tumor pressing somewhere along a nerve or the spine itself.  The decision was made to help him across the Rainbow Bridge before his condition became worse.

On Christmas Eve Day, 2012, Peri played his final chukker at Ryerss Farm and moved onto greener polo fields.  As with them all, he will be greatly missed




GOOD LUCK STV (“PIRATE”) was a grey Dutch Warmblood.  He was nicknamed because of the brown patch over his left eye.  He stood 16.2 hands.  Born in 1988, Pirate held a very long show career in upper level dressage, competing mainly in Second Level and Third Level.  He retired to Ryerss in January 2005.  Out to pasture, he was inseparable from his friend, Sassy. Pirate passed away on December 8, 2009.












PROUDEST REASON (“PR”) was  a chestnut Thoroughbred.  He stood 16.1 hands.  Born in 1979, he served as a Philadelphia mounted police horse, specializing in crowd control.  PR loved people and liked to keep his forelock and mane long and crazy.  He retired to Ryerss in September 1993 and spent his time with Tex and Polos. PR passed away on December 18, 2009.












PUFF OF SOOT was a beautiful bay Quarter Horse.  She stood 15.1 hands.  Puff was born in 1980 and retired to Ryerss in July 2008, following a career in trail and pleasure riding.  A loner when it came to other horses, Puff liked people and was very friendly, though sometimes she was a little head shy.  She was a resident of the upper barn herd and passed away on December 4, 2010.