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G – J Memorial Horses

Gibby head shot namedGIBBY, a 27-year-old Quarter Horse, came to retire at Ryerss Farm in September of 2010.  When he first arrived, he was unsure of his new surroundings and came off as the tough guy.  As time went by, you could see the softness in his eyes start to blossom and he became one of the kindest horses in his group.  He was friends with both mares and geldings.

On Saturday August 10th, 2013, Gibby was diagnosed with a severe twist in his intestine and was helped across the Rainbow Bridge










GoldenGOLDEN was a 15h Quarter Horse gelding, born in 1980, who came to Ryerss at the age of 23 in May, 2003. With his noticeable palomino coloring, Golden was a popular horse in the barn herd.  His quiet, gentle demeanor was great with visitors, especially the children.  Although he loved treats and wanted his fair share, he was not pushy.  He was content to allow visitors to pet him and just spend time visiting with him.  A truly devoted friend to his buddy, Ozzie, Golden was accepted by all the horses in his pasture.  He passed away  unexpectedly on August 31, 2008 at the age of 28.  He will be remembered with love and affection by all who knew and cared for him.








Grace shoppedGOLDSHEIMER (“GRACE”) was an American Hanoverian by Goldschleger.  She spent her career taking care of many young riders.  In her prime she was a 3’6 equitation mount as well as competing in the junior and children’s hunter divisions.  Whether it was doing your first flying lead change or shoulder-in, or jumping your first course, Grace made you feel like you were a superstar! 

She retired to Ryerss Farm on November 16, 2010 at the age of 25. She made a good friend in Ike, a Thoroughbred, who spent his time happily beside her in the pastures. In the summer of 2014, Grace developed some neurological problems which did not respond to treatment and became more severe as weeks went on.  Grace passed away at the end of July and will be missed by both her human and horse friends.  She was a delightful mare who was kind and friendly – a true lady. 









 was a 16.2 hand bay Thoroughbred.  Born in 1983, he began his career as a racehorse, but that area was not his calling, so he changed to dressage.  He retired to Ryerss Farm in September 2001. “Sport” got along well with everyone and had lovely ground manners.  He loved being groomed and would stand absolutely still while being brushed and curried.  His best friend was Magic Touch (Ruby), with whom he spent his days out grazing in the pastures. They were a devoted pair and were never far apart. In the late winter of 2015, he developed a series of abscesses which would not heal and became worse as time went on.  The chronic pain and ongoing deterioration of his front feet became too much for him and he was humanely euthanized, at the age of 32, on March 30, 2015.  Sport was always a true gentleman and a favorite in the barn with visitors, staff and volunteers.












GRACIE was a dark brown Thoroughbred.  She stood 15.2 hands.  Born in 1976, Gracie was rescued  by Large Animal Protection Society (LAPS) from adverse conditions, where she received little vet care and food.  At the time she was rescued, Gracie was approximately a 2.0 on the Henneke Body Condition Score.  Although LAPS nursed her back to health, Gracie was not rideable, so she found refuge at  Ryerss in March 2001.  She lived a good life here and was often seen with her friend, Otter.  Gracie passed away on July 31, 2011.








HandsomeHANDSOME (OREGANO), a 28-year-old dark bay Thoroughbred, arrived at Ryerss Farm to retire on August 10, 2016. He had been the companion horse of a woman who left him to Ryerss as part of her estate.  Handsome had spent his recent years without the company of other horses and when he came to Ryerss he moved into the Upper Barn and soon found a best friend in Mikey. They could always be seen together in both the pasture and stable. Handsome also got to know the visitors who came to give treats of apples and carrots to all the horses. Sadly, his advanced age caught up with him on March 15, 2017, and he passed away suddenly and peacefully in his own stall. He was a beautiful horse who was somewhat shy and was happy to just spend time with his best friend, Mikey. Handsome will be missed by all at Ryerss Farm and the visitors who came to see him. Rest in peace, Handsome.






IMG_6193hannahheadshoppedHANNAH: On January 5, 2013, Hannah arrived at Ryerss Farm. She was a Bay Quarter Horse/Arab mix with a black mane, standing 15 hands high.  Born in 1992, Hannah was a pleasure horse who took her owner on many trail rides.  She arrived at Ryerss the same day as Toby Sargent, who had shared her previous life, as they both came from the same stable and their owners often rode out together.  Hannah lived at the Ryerss main barn and was a special favorite of many visitors.  Her sweet disposition and beauty drew people to her.   Sadly, on June 7th, 2017, we lost Hannah after she had suffered a long time  with arthritis. She will be remembered by staff, volunteers and visitors as a lovely mare who whs always friendly and eager to greet everyone who came see her. 






HeyerforobitHEYER CALLING was a grey Percheron-Thoroughbred cross who stood 16.2 hands high.  Born in Camden, SC in 1983, Heyer was with her former owner since 1995. She competed in Hunter/ Jumper classes and usually was found in the ribbons, even at the top-rated shows.  Heyer won the Children’s Hunter Classic Championship at the Summer Equestrian Festival in VT in 1997. She later retired to Ryerss Farm in September, 2009.  A sweet mare, Heyer had a wonderful spirit and lots of energy.  She loved to be groomed and adored attention.  Her longtime companion and best friend was Mark of Cornwall, the large chestnut Thoroughbred who was always by her side.  Sadly, by the end of June, 2015, Heyer succumbed to the infirmities of old age and at 32 years old was humanely euthanized.  She will always be remembered for her strong will, her beauty and her kind personality.  She was truly a lovely mare.








HOLLY was a red taffy Quarter horse.  She stood 15 hands.  Born in 1974, Holly was a pleasure horse, taking to the trails prior to her retirement to Ryerss Farm in August 2004.  She enjoyed spending time out to pasture with Kipper and Echo.
















Hurry headWHAT’S THE HURRY (“HURRY”) was a bay Hanoverian and Thoroughbred cross.  She was born in 1980 and spent many years as a trail rider.  She also tried her reins in eventing and fox hunting and was known as a great jumper.  Hurry retired to Ryerss Farm in October 2007, and became close friends with Thoroughbred, Wolverine.  They were a loyal couple and were always seen together. Unfortunately, the infirmities of old age caught up with Hurry and her quality of life greatly deteriorated.   On May 5, 2015, at the old age of 35, she was humanely euthanized.    Hurry and “Wolf” had a bond which was never broken and he will miss her in coming days, as will all who loved her.  She was a sweetheart!










Ike017IKE, a handsome 16 hand chestnut Thoroughbred gelding from Philadelphia, began his career as a race horse and then was donated to the Philadelphia Police Department.  Ike did not make the cut as a police mount, but was adopted by an officer to serve as her personal riding horse for many years.  In June, 2010, at the age of 24, Ike retired to Ryerss Farm, where he made a good friend named Grace. They were seen grazing together in the pasture every day. Ike loved to greet visitors and enjoyed treats of apples and carrots.  He was a kind and gentle horse who was popular with everyone.  As years passed, he became friendly with a horse named Crafty, and the two of them were often seen in the pasture with Henry and Caputo. 

Sadly, on October 4, 2015, a shattered leg bone caused an injury from which Ike could not recover and he was humanely euthanized.  He was 29 years old.  During his years at Ryerss, visitors, volunteers and staff all grew very fond of Ike and he will be missed.  RIP, Ike.






jackforwebJACK was a chestnut draft mix.  He was born before 1979 and worked for a pharmaceutical company, producing black widow spider anti-venom.  Jack retired to Ryerss in June 2004.  He was devoted to his longtime best friend, Jessica, who stayed close by his side throughout his years at Ryerss.  In the year before his death, Jack began having seizures which became more serious as time went on.   He passed away on May 30, 2014.  He was mourned for weeks by Jessica, who missed him greatly. She has finally found companionship with another rescue, Maizie, who very much needed a friend.  Jack will always be remembered as a large “diamond in the rough” who was loved by all volunteers and staff at the farm.  At 35-plus years old, Jack was one of the oldest horses at Ryerss Farm.








JAMAICA, an Irish half-bred, retired to Ryerss Farm in the fall of 2003 at 23 years of age. Prior to his retirement he fox hunted twice a week for 17 years with our local Radnor Hunt.  Everyone in the hunt field knew and loved him.  He was admired by all, not only because of his gentle demeanor, but also because he never once refused a fence in the hunt field.

During his life here on the farm, he was known for being the perfect gentleman.  He liked everyone, people and other equine friends. If you look at our 2012 Christmas card, the photo is of Chrissy, Jamaica and Max. They were inseparable.

After a restless night, a large inoperable tumor was found in Jamaica’s gastro-intestinal tract the next morning. He left us on March 12, 2013 to fox hunt in greener pastures. Tally Ho, old friend!