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“R” Horses


RASCAL is a sorrel Tennessee Walker.  He stands 15.2 hands.  Born in 1982, Rascal will bow for treats.  He retired to Ryerss in November 1998. Rascal lives at the upper barn with 19 other herd mates.












RedWindRED WIND, a dark bay Thoroughbred retired to Ryerss Farm on April 4, 2017.  She stands 15.3 hh and is 21 years old.  Red Wind was left to Ryerss by the estate of her former owner, who, years ago, had made the arrangements for her to become a part of the Ryerss herd when he was no longer around to care for her. As a young mare, Red Wind raced at Parx in Philadelphia and had several wins during that time.  She later became a brood mare, producing foals who also won races on area tracks.  Red Wind eventually retired and lived at Castle Rock Farm until her final retirement to Ryerss Farm.  She is a sweet mare who will be popular with all visitors and volunteers who come to Ryerss.  Please stop and see Red Wind when you are at the farm. 









RIO, a sorrel Mustang, retired to Ryerss Farm on Sunday, February 20, 2011 at the age of 23.  In his past life he was a trail horse and then spent several years as a lesson pony at a few different farms.  He is a bit tentative until he gets to know you, but with patience, he comes right around.  Rio has a BLM tattoo marking, which tells us that he amazingly survived a wild horse round-up.  Rio will do anything for carrots!










ROSEBUD.jpgROSEBUD, a 28-year-old registered Paint mare, came to live at Ryerss Farm on October 31, 2017.  She stands 15hh.  Her former owners bought her as a four-year-old and she became a trail horse for the husband. Later, when the daughters became involved in riding, Rosebud showed successfully in hunters and in showmanship in 4-H. After the girls went to college, Rosebud was ridden occasionally, but mostly enjoyed a life of leisure as a “pasture puff.”  Her owner wrote, “We love this little girl, and her last few years have been spent with her best friend, Sugar, another paint mare. She has never harmed anyone, but she will pin her ears and try to look tough; it’s all an act. She gets along with everyone, loves attention, treats, and being groomed. She is as good and sweet as they come.”   Welcome to Ryerss, Rosebud.  We are happy to have you join the family!








One of the newest rescues to Ryerss Farm (arriving in early 2012) is a 24 year old chestnut Saddlebred carriage horse named ROSIE.  She was worked very hard for most of her life, wore an ill-fitting harness, and was underfed. She was driven up until the day before she delivered a foal!  Her poor body condition, due to this inhumane treatment, led her to be rescued by LAPS, where she was put in a foster home to recover and build back her strength.  She is a perfect addition to our herd as she is too old to be adopted to a new home and cannot work any longer.  She is healthy now, and her body condition has improved greatly.  Rosie has a very sweet disposition and is already making many friends at Ryerss.  She loves treats of carrots and loves to be brushed and groomed.   We are happy to welcome Rosie to her final permanent home. She can now be part of a larger herd and enjoy the many open fields and pastures on our 380-acre farm. She and her good friend, Lassie, spend their hours together grazing and just being horses!







Rosie-2HeadShotROSIE LITTLE: The cuteness factor at Ryerss Farm went up by several points on January 20th, 2014 when Rosie, a ten year old roan Miniature Horse was retired to Ryerss. Her right eye was removed at New Bolton Center on New Year’s Day because of an infection. Rosie was purchased as a two year old and spent her years on a local Chester County farm.  She was never trained to ride or drive. She shared a stall with her buddy, Cody, who also retired to Ryerss Farm. The two of them spend each day under the watchful eye of Mr. Coffee who is also a Ryerss resident.







ROXY, registered name Endless Runner, was born in 1994 and retired to Ryerss Farm for Aged Equines on August 01, 2019.  She is a 15.2 hands high Thoroughbred.  Roxy is a quiet, lovely, dark bay mare.  She has become friends with Colten, who retired a few hours before her to Ryerss.  Colten and Roxy were previously boarded at the same barn, but not really known to each other.













On May 17, 2011, Ryerss Farm welcome  MAGIC TOUCH (“RUBY”), a 16-hand chestnut Thoroughbred mare.  Her sire was the famous 1986  KentuckyDerby winner, Ferdinand, who earned over three million dollars during his racing career.  Magic Touch, herself, earned over one hundred thousand dollars during her racing career.  She retired from racing after she bowed a tendon, but with a year of rest came back to start a new career in show jumping and later, barrel racing.  She was also a broodmare for three years, producing big, beautiful foals that looked just like her.

Unfortunately, she eventually came into hard times and suffered from extreme neglect before finally being rescued. When she arrived at Ryerss Farm, she was malnourished and scored a very poor 1.5 (out of 9) on the Henneke Body Condition Scale.  However, with lots of good food and loving care from staff and volunteers, she has made an amazing comeback and is a beautiful mare today, just as she was a few years ago!  Her coat shines again like polished copper and she is energetic and high-spirited.  She has many admirers among the visitors to Ryerss and she loves the treats of apples and carrots they bring for her!   She even has found a special friend in Good Sport, the handsome gelding who stays close by her side.

This is a happy ending for Magic Touch – she will never again have to suffer from hunger or lack of care.  At  Ryerss, she will always have a safe and comfortable home.