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“M” Horses – 3



mikey-head-shotMIKEY is a 1987-born, PA-bred Thoroughbred. He raced 32 times on local area tracks, winning several times. His owners retired him from racing at 5, when they saw he was not winning anymore. He was still healthy and they wanted him to have a good life. He was then trained as a hunter and used by his new owner as a trail horse with many cross-country adventures. Mikey continued to be owned by the same person, but was a great mount for Pony Club. He went on to take at least four teenage girls through Pony Club competing in jumping, dressage, and cross country.

By the time Mikey was in his 20’s, and ready to settle down, he became the regular mount of a woman who enjoyed active trail rides and paper chases with limited jumping. To the day he retired at 29, Mikey was a safe, sound and enthusiastic partner for country rides and ring work. He retired to Ryerss Farm on September 29, 2016 and is now getting to know his new friends: the staff, volunteers and visitors to the farm, as well as his 80 herd mates!








MissMuffHeadMISS MUFF arrived at Ryerss Farm on December 19th, 2017.  She is a dark bay mare who is 26 years old.  She (along with her friend Grey Mist) came to Ryerss From the Odell Estate and was a show horse in her early years.  In more recent times, she and Grey Mist were pasture mates at the home of her former owner.













On August 23rd, 2013, The Large Animal Protection Society entrusted us with a big beautiful Thoroughbred mare who had experienced not one but two trips to New Holland. Maxine, as she was called, was pulled from the sale because of her body condition and spent from March to August with LAPS putting the weight back on that she so desperately needed.

She is a 20 year old flea-bitten gray with a gentle personality. “Flea-bitten” is a color consisting of a white hair coat with small speckles or “freckles” of red-colored hair throughout.  LAPS is hoping that she will find a forever home and be adopted but in the meantime, she resides here with us.  Since she arrived on the birthday of our deceased night guardian, Molly, the consensus was to change her name from Maxine to Molly.








MollytheDraftMOLLY, a bay Clydesdale cross, retired to Ryerss Farm in March, 2016.  She was saved from the kill pen at the New Holland sales by Omega Horse Rescue. They took her to New Bolton Center, where her medical needs were addressed and she was given the care she desperately needed.  Molly would not have been adopted or purchased, because she was 25 years old and could no longer do the field plow work she had done before. We were happy to be able to give Molly the forever home she needed, where she will never have to work again and can enjoy a retirement of leisure and love by volunteers, staff and visitors.  She is a lovely mare and is just now beginning to realize that she can enjoy life again!  Come visit this beautiful girl and make a new friend! 





MonteHeadMONTE, a 20 year old, 17.1 hh Canadian Warmblood gelding, retired to Ryerss Farm on April 2, 2016, along with his stablemate and friend, Herbie.  He is a retired show hunter who helped his adult amateur rider win many ribbons and year-end awards, including Connecticut high point adult hunter champion in 2005.  Monte’s show name was “By Design” and he turned quite a few heads at the horse shows with his good looks.  Monte is a big sweetheart and he loves to lay his (very heavy) head on your shoulder as you clean his stall.  His favorite treats are carrots and apples!  Monte has earned a well-deserved retirement.