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“L” & “M” Horses


LASSIE, a Standardbred mare, arrived at Ryerss Farm in April, 2012.  She came to us from LAPS, who had rescued her from an extremely neglectful situation. They brought her back to health with the loving care given at one of their foster farm locations. However, during her rehabilitation time she injured a leg and was unable to be adopted out as a working horse again.  She has now found a permanent home here at Ryerss and has quickly made friends with Rosie, another LAPS “graduate” who arrived a few months earlier.  Lassie and Rosie are both enjoying the good life that they will  experience here for the rest of their lives.  We are happy to be able to work hand-in-hand with LAPS to help when needed.





LAYLA, a 23-year-old registered Paint mare, has spots but you will have to catch her while she is rolling because they are on her belly.  Layla has done everything from being the heel horse for calf roping to trail riding under an English saddle.  Rumor has it that she could be a handful under saddle but her ground manners are truly that of a lady.












LEGION: On January 29, 2015, Legion, a 22 year old Dutch Warmblood Gelding, came to retire at Ryerss Farm.  His is chestnut in color with a large white blaze and is 15.3 hands high.  Legion spent most of his life in Chester County as a pleasure horse.  He now lives in the main barn at Ryerss and is making friends with the other residents there.  Legion loves treats of carrots which the visitors bring! 










MAGGIE, a 16.1 hands high bay Appendix Quarter Horse, retired to Ryerss on August 8, 2010.  Before coming to Ryerss she was involved in eventing and excelled in Cross Country and Stadium jumping.  She loves Golden Delicious apples and carrots.  She is a sweet mare with a lovely disposition who fell right into place with Elinka, Toby, Willy and Andre.













MaizeheadshotMAIZIE came to retire at  Ryerss Farm on Saturday November 30th, 2013.  She was originally rescued by LAPS many years ago and was successfully adopted out in 1994.  Her adopted family returned her to LAPS early this summer.  Up until that time, she was ridden at least once a week. 

Maizie is a cute jet black Standardbred Mare.  She is approaching 30 years old this year but continues to move with a spring in her step.  She is a bit of a loner still but seems to get along with everyone out in the field. 







headshotofmajorMAJOR, a 29-year-old dark bay Thoroughbred, retired to Ryerss Farm on March 13, 2015.  As a youngster, Major raced under the name of “Gator John” and then came to the Philadelphia/South Jersey area once his racing days were over. He was lucky to spend most of that time in the Pennypack Park section, where for the past 20 years he could pretend he was still on his old race track and show off by stretching those legs into unlawfully fast sprints that kept him young for so long!

Major has now become a resident of the Upper Barn herd at Ryerss and can be found enjoying a good retirement in that historic part of the farm, along with his 19 “new friends”.  He is the fourth horse to have come to Ryerss from his former owner.  She also brought us Ozzie, Golden and Kim in earlier years






MALIBU was bought by her former owner in 1996 when she was 6 years old. Malibu took some hunt seat lessons for a couple of years, along with low level dressage shows, and she did very well.  In later years, Malibu was moved to a boarding stable with large fields and beautiful trails.  She has been a super companion for many years as a pleasure horse for her former owner.  Malibu now lives in the upper barn with Salt, her new friend and barn mate.