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“I,” “J” & “K” Horses


I LIKE IKE (“IKE”) is a 16 hand chestnut Thoroughbred gelding from Philadelphia.  Ike began his career as a race horse and then was donated to the Philadelphia Police Department.  Ike did not make the cut as a police mount, but was adopted by an officer to serve as her personal riding horse for many years.  In June, 2010, Ike retired to Ryerss, where he made a good friend named Grace. They are seen grazing together in the pasture every day. Ike loves to greet visitors and enjoy the treats of apples and carrots they bring.





JUMPIN’ JACK (“JJ”)  is a dun Quarter horse mix.  Approximately 15 hands, he was born around 1984.  A rescued horse, Jack was brought to Ryerss Farm in July 2006 by Large Animal Protection Society (LAPS).  He was one of nine horses rescued from a poorly-run farm. Jumpin’ Jack was so named because he was known to escape his adverse living conditions in search of food by jumping the fence and heading to a cow farm across the road.









KirashoppedKIRA was one of the first foals involved in a Premarin rescue up in Canada with help from The Pegasus Foundation. She was one of the foals purchased from a meat farm and brought back to the United States.  Kira, a sorrel mare, is now 17 years old.  Soon after she was started under saddle, it was determined that she had OCD lesions that would prevent her from being ridden for any length of time.  Her lameness issues retired her earlier than most but otherwise she is loving life here at Ryerss Farm.