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“G” & “H” Horses





Gatsby-72dpiGATSBY (PROPER SCOUT)  retired to Ryerss Farm at the age of 24 in May of 2015.  He is a bay Thoroughbred gelding who stands 15.3 hands high.  He has settled into the Upper Barn herd nicely and has already made a very special friend in Fruitti, who also retired to Ryerss recently.








ginger-headGINGER, a chestnut Quarter Horse mare, retired to Ryerss Farm on October 9, 2016.  She is 25 years old and stands 15hh. Ginger is one of three mares who all arrived together as rescues from the Large Animal Protective Society.  They had been adopted several years earlier by a woman who now could no longer care for them and, therefore, returned them to LAPS.  As all three were all in their 20’s and could not be adopted as riding horses, they needed a permanent home to live out their retirement years. Ryerss has generously provided that place.  Please visit Ginger and her friends, Bianca and Peanut when you come to the farm.  They currently reside in the two pastures north of the upper barn and silo.







On January 5, 2013, HANNAH arrived at Ryerss Farm. She is a Bay Quarter Horse/Arab mix with a black mane and stands 15 hands high.  Born in 1992, Hannah was a pleasure horse who took her owner on many trail rides.  She arrived at Ryerss the same day as Toby’s Sargent, who had shared her previous life, as they both came from the same stable and their owners often rode out together.  Hannah is making friends in the Ryerss herd now, but stays close to her friend Toby and always lines up to come into the barn with him.  She is a lovely mare and a great addition to the Ryerss herd. 






HerbieHeadHERBIE, a 17hh gray Holsteiner gelding, retired to Ryerss Farm on April 2, 2016, at the age of 21.  In his younger days, he was an equitation horse having the show name “Amused.” Herbie has competed in both junior national equitation finals (USEF Medal & Maclay) and adult equitation national finals (Ariat National Adult Medal, Monarch International Adult Medal).  Herbie enjoyed his time as a show horse and helped his owner win many ribbons and year-end awards.  His favorite part of horse showing was getting a peppermint when he came out of the show ring.  Herbie has earned a well-deserved retirement.  Herbie’s stablemates, Monte and Sophie, are also both retired at Ryerss, so the three will enjoy a wonderful family reunion here! 





HINAULT (“HENRY”) is a bay Dutch Warmblood.  He stands 15.2 hands.  Born in 1989, he held a career in dressage, competing at the Training Level.  Henry retired to Ryerss in January 2005 and enjoys spending time with his friend Caputo.  Henry is very handsome and has a friendly and outgoing personality.