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“C” Horses continued



CherokeeheadshotCHEROKEE: On October 21, 2015, a 15.1 hh bay quarter horse mare named Cherokee arrived to retire at Ryerss.  She is 23 years old and was originally owned by Betty Reeves who also owned Winston, a thoroughbred who also lives at Ryerss Farm.  Cherokee and Winston were once stabled together at another farm in earlier times but had not seen each other for several years.  It was obvious that they still remembered each other when Cherokee joined the Ryerss herd.  Cherokee is settling in nicely and enjoys the treats and attention which the visitors give her.







CHEVON is a Dutch Warmblood mare, born in 1984 from a mare of German import.  Her life-long owner bought her when she was two years of age and trained her to become an accomplished dressage horse. She reached third level under the guidance of many famous trainers.  Chevon had one foal, Kalaeis, an Oldenburg colt, which went on to become a successful show jumper.  Chevon stayed sound and continued to enjoy light rides, despite recently losing sight in one eye.  She retired to Ryerss June 14, 2011.  Her best pals and constant companions are Budrow and April.










CODY’S MY DREAM (“CODY”) is an American Quarter Horse who was born in 1989 and retired to Ryerss Farm on November 16, 2015 at the age of 26.  Cody is 15.3hh and is a liver chestnut color.  Cody and his former owner’s daughter competed in many Hunter Shows over the years and won many ribbons and trophies.  Cody also loved trail rides and taught people of all ages to ride, even helping a gentleman practice for US Cavalry School Little Big Horn re-enactments.  Cody has been a friend and teacher to many people.  More importantly, he has always been happy, and has shared that happiness with those who have known him.  He is now a member of the herd in the main barn at Ryerss and is making new friends among both visitors and his fellow equine retirees.





COLTEN, registered name COLTEN’S CONCLUSION, was born April 9, 1997 and retired at Ryerss Farm on August 1, 2019.  He is a 15.3 hands high sorrel rabicano Quarter Horse.  Colten was purchased by his former owner from the New Holland Horse Auction in 2006.  He and his former owner became very close during the time they trained together at a local stable. She and Colten won ribbons at several pace events and he became a trusted and brave trail horse.  They even did some obstacle course training and won a blue ribbon right before retiring to Ryerss!





Comanche Head ShotCOMANCHE retired to Ryerss Farm on April 2, 2018, along with his best friend Sammy. Comanche is a bay gelding Chicoteague pony who was rescued many years ago. He is very attached to Sammy and is always by his side. The two are part of the upper barn herd and can be found in one of the two fields north of the upper barn. 











CraftyheadshottwoCRAFTY   (Crafty Star),  a solid bay gelding, was foaled in April of 1996. His grandsire was Mr. Prospector. Crafty started his racing career at two years of age and continued racing for five years under many different owners with 49 starts throughout Louisiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Iowa and Pennsylvania. His winnings were over $171,000 with 10 firsts, 6 seconds and 4 thirds.

Crafty was claimed back by his original owner, gelded at the age of six and retired to his home farm. He made his final retirement move to Ryerss Farm on Monday August 25th, 2014 with his buddies Tucker and Laramie.