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“D,” “E” & “F” Horses

DAISY was with the same family for 29 years before retiring to Ryerss.  She was a gift from an aunt for a niece’s 9th birthday and, eventually, was passed down to her younger sister.  In her earlier years, she participated in many local shows, in walk/trot/canter classes as well as jumping.  Daisy also did lots of trail riding.  Most recently, Daisy was enjoyed by a second generation of kids in the family, including the nine-year-old daughter of her first owner.   Daisy loves carrots, apples and peppermints. She has a very independent “pony” spirit.











Diablo-NewHeadShotDANCING DIABLO (“D.D.”) arrived at Ryerss Farm on September 11, 2017 to retire along with his brother, Prince.  D.D. is a 16.1 hh grey Thoroughbred/Trakener cross gelding.  He is 21 years old.  D.D.  was born and raised on his owner’s farm. He spent time being trained by a prominent show jumping instructor and was a faithful companion to his brother, Prince (both had same dam but different sires).  It is a pleasure to welcome D.D. to Ryerss. 








JUST DANDY (DANDY) is a Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred Cross who stands at 16.1 hands.  for the past 14 years he has been the faithful mount of  a Chester County artist.  Over the years, Dandy has generously contributed bits of his gloriously beautiful tail to his former owner’s various projects.  They enjoyed trail rides and dressage training together.  Dandy is a very calm and brave trail horse.  This is probably because he grew up in New Jersey, where he grew to be unafraid of large, noisy farm equipment and racing motorcycles on farm roads.  In addition to enjoying trail rides, Dandy  loves to swim!  He enjoys splashing in creeks and wading out into the deeper water of the Marsh Creek Reservoir.  Very clever and mischievous, Dandy’s antics are amusing.  He enjoys pushing things off shelves and grooming carts, and shamelessly begging for treats with a gentlemanly bow.







DEOCH AN DORUS (“DD”) is a chestnut Thoroughbred.  Born in 1985, she competed in seven races before retiring to Ryerss Farm in 2007.  DD  is always found with Speedy, another former racehorse. Both Speedy and DD came to Ryerss as rescued horses through Thoroughbred Charities.  They have stalls next to each other in the main barn and love to eat the carrots and apples visitors bring.














DeweyHeadshotDEWEY is a 16.2  Belgian Cross, who came from Oregon in 2001.  He was bought by a gentleman for a pleasure and trail horse.  He boarded on the property of his most recent owner for over thirteen years.  When the gentleman who originally purchased Dewey passed away, Dewey was given to the current owner who brought him to Ryerss to retire.  Dewey loves people and especially children.  Even with his large size they are drawn to him.  Dewey is now a part of the Ryerss main herd and has made a good friend in another new Ryerss resident, Mandy.  They look alike with the same coloring and friendly disposition. Dewey, however, is a much larger version of his haflinger friend, Mandy. 







DIESEL was born in 1993 and arrived at Ryerss Farm on March 12, 2019.  He is a sorrel Quarter Horse gelding who is 14.3 hands high.  Diesel served in the Monmouth County (NJ) Park System for 4 years as a therapeutic horse and brought much joy to the lives of those who worked with him.  He is a gentle horse who was well-suited to work as a therapy horse.  He loves greeting visitors, especially children.