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“B” Horses

On July 13th, 2013, Ryerss Farm had a splash of color added to its herd of residents.  BAILEY’S IRISH CREAM, a 20-year-old palomino Quarter Horse, was foaled in Montana.  He was brought back East by the infamous equestrian coach, Jack LeGoff.

Bailey was later sold to his former owner in hopes of enjoying trail riding and dressage.  He was sidelined shortly thereafter because of a bone spur on his left front navicular bone.  On medication he could continue light work and trail riding until he retired to Ryerss.

Since his arrival at the farm, he has gone to the top of the list as the most vocal resident. Since we lost Timothy, it is nice to hear an enthusiastic whinny!  He has a wonderful personality and seems to be smitten with Seham.  We are all hoping for a match.





BELLA (registered name RAINMAKER MARATHON) is a sorrel overo paint mare, born in 1994. She is 14.2 hh.  Bella retired to Ryerss Farm, at the age of 24, on June 30, 2018.  She has a sweet personality and has quickly made friends with another newcomer, Hank. 














BEN Head ShotBEN: On November 29th, 2017, Abraham and Benjamin (Abe and Ben) arrived to retire at Ryerss Farm.  They are both registered Mini Mediterranean Donkeys and are also half-brothers.  They are both 25 years old and 34 inches tall.  Abe is a gray dun color and Ben is brown. They have lived together all their lives and enjoyed being pasture pets of a loving owner.   At Ryerss, they will continue to share a stall and spend their time together as part of the Ryerss family of equines, happily munching on hay and greeting visitors.  They are both friendly and sweet – please look for Abe and Ben the next time you are at the farm! In the photo, Ben is on the left and Abe on the right.







bianca-headBIANCA, a gray Arabian mare, retired to Ryerss Farm on October 9, 2016. She is 22 years old and stands 14.2hh. Bianca is one of three mares who all arrived together as rescues from the Large Animal Protective Society. They had been adopted several years earlier by a woman who can now could no longer care for them and, therefore, returned them to LAPS. As all three were all in their 20’s and could not be adopted as riding horses, they needed a permanent home to live out their retirement years. Ryerss has generously provided that place. Please visit Bianca and her friends, Ginger and Peanut, when you come to the farm.  They currently reside in the two pastures north of the upper barn and silo.








BLAZE was born in 1998 and came to live with us at Ryerss Farm on March 12, 2019.  He is a black and white pinto gelding, standing 13.3 hands high.  Blaze comes from the Monmouth County (NJ) Park System where he was a therapeutic riding horse from 2013 until the time he came here.  His favorite part of the week was doing yoga alongside veterans in the “Harmony for Heroes” program.  After helping many children and adults, Blaze is looking forward to the retired life here at Ryerss.










BOUNDER, a rather handsome Thoroughbred gelding, was retired to Ryerss Farm for Aged Equines on April 10th, 2013.  He is half-brother to the infamous Barbaro, sharing the same sire, Dynaformer, who stood at Three Chimneys Farm in Kentucky.

Bounder did not have a racing career but instead went on to be an accomplished Three-Day Event horse.  He was successful up to Advanced level, with his favorite phase being cross country.

After years of eventing, stress took its toll on his joints and tendons and he was retired to a pleasure horse.  He was always a well-behaved horse to be around in the barn.

Since his retirement, he has grown fond of Omen, and the feeling is reciprocated.  They are quite the pair to watch!





BuddyHead-72dpiBUDDY II retired to Ryerss Farm on June 7, 2015  at the age of 21.  He was used as a school horse at Watchung Stables for 15 years (from 1998 – 2013).  He was there with Seven and Niles (other Ryerss retirees) and he helped teach kids of all levels how to ride.  He started in the advanced group of riders and eventually worked ith the advanced beginner group, teaching kids how to canter.  He was also used every weekend for public trail rides with people who had never been on a horse.  He was always a favorite among the children and the public because of his kind nature and super sweet personality.  Buddy is a chestnut Quarter Horse who stands 16 hands high, and lives in the main barn.









BuddyIIIheadBUDDY III (named Timidating Hank), is a 29-year-old, dark bay, 15h3 registered American Quarter Horse bred by the Beckers in Scenery Hill, Pennsylvania. He retired to Ryerss Farm on March 5, 2016. Buddy has both The Intimidator and Impressive in his blood lines, and lived in Arkansas and West Virginia before returning to Pennsylvania. Buddy is trained both English and Western, and competed in American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) horse shows. Buddy won enough points to earn an AQHA Register of Merit (ROM). Buddy belonged to his former owner for 23 years. Prior to being retired at Ryerss, he was living the good life at a beautiful boarding stable in West Chester, Pennsylvania, being smothered with love. Buddy is now enjoying the carefree life of retirement at Ryerss, greeting visitors who offer him carrots and apples and making new equine friends.







Born in 1989, BABE YUBE RUN, a.k.a. “BUDROW,” is a bay Thoroughbred gelding.  Budrow raced until he was nine years old.  His new owners bought him from a New Jersey auction and kept him until it was time for him to retire.  Budrow had a long and enjoyable career, learning to jump and compete in dressage as well as trail and lesson riding.  He was a cherished friend and partner to his owners and he retired to Ryerss on June 11, 2011. Budrow spends his time in the pastures with good friends April and Chevon.