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“A” Horses



Abe head shot bABE: On November 29th, 2017, Abraham and Benjamin (Abe and Ben) arrived to retire at Ryerss Farm.  They are both registered Mini Mediterranean Donkeys and are also half-brothers.  They are both 25 years old and 34 inches tall.  Abe is a gray dun color and Ben is brown. They have lived together all their lives and enjoyed being pasture pets of a loving owner.   At Ryerss, they will continue to share a stall and spend their time together as part of the Ryerss family of equines, happily munching on hay and greeting visitors.  They are both friendly and sweet – please look for Abe and Ben the next time you are at the farm! 









ALADO is a chestnut Peruvian Paso with a blond mane and tail.  Born in 1995, Alado stands 14 hands.  He is very affectionate and loves to be hugged, rubbed and kissed.  Alado is very fastidious about himself and does not like to be wet.  Retiring to Ryerss in August 2006, Alado likes to be out to pasture with his long-time friend, Aramis.











AlbertbyGinnieJenkinsALBERT, the donkey, came to live at Ryerss Farm this past winter.  Our friends at LAPS needed a place for him to stay and we agreed to give Albert a home!  Come meet this happy fellow. His joyous brays in the early morning and his big beautiful ears mark our Albert as a resident who is truly “outstanding in his field”.  Albert has bonded closely with Max, a Tennessee Walker, who has become very fond of Albert and can always be found next to him in the field.  They both live in the upper barn and seem to enjoy being “best buddies”! 












AlbieALBIE (“DUTCH INDY”) retired to Ryerss Farm on April 30, 2015 at the age of 26.  He is an 18 hands high chestnut Warmblood who had a very successful career in Dressage.  He was, at one time, ranked 4th in the United States and was on the short list for the Olympics.  Albie has now joined the other Ryerss horses in the main herd and is enjoying a well-deserved retirement, grazing in the green pastures and getting to know the other Ryerss residents who are part of his group








Anja-headshot-smallerANJA (Navarre’s gold Bar) retired to Ryerss Farm on April 14. 2016.  She is an Andalusia/Quarter horse (Azteca).  Her Andalusian grand-sire is the world class champion, Teadoro, and her dam is of the QH Bar line.  Anja’s first job was with the State of Maryland’s therapeutic riding facility for children.  Anja excelled as a therapeutic horse and was her best nurturing self with the children whom she dearly loved and they her.  However, she was known to be a bit feisty with inexperienced adult volunteers and eventually was purchased by her “now” former owner, Linda Nichols, for her own personal use.  Anja had been ridden as a western horse but when she moved with her owner to Pennsylvania she began to learn dressage and trained at Blue Hill Farm where she and her owner were given an excellent foundation for achieving as much as she could do given Anja’s history and limitations (an accident with her original owner, before the age of three, has left scars on her left rear leg which suggest she was wound up and cut by barbed wire).  Anja has now reached the point in time where the work is difficult for her and so Linda has decided to provide her beloved Anja with a healthy, happy retirement at Ryerss Farm.  Anja is already making friends among the herd and it is a joy to see her running effortlessly across the pastures and enjoying the freedom of retirement.








ARAMIS  is a chestnut Rocky Mountain Gaited Saddle horse with blond mane and tail.  Born in 1994, he stands 16.1 hands.  Retiring to Ryerss Farm in August 2006 with his friends Alado and Mariah, Aramis is known as a practical jokester.  He’d wait for Mariah to fall asleep, then kick the side wall of her shelter and startle her.  Mariah then rushed about the pasture, whinnying and chasing Aramis.  Once he gets to know someone, Aramis is very affectionate.  His dislikes include birds and snakes. At Ryerss, Aramis lives in the historic upper barn with his best friend, Alado.










AVERY, a.k.a. “Avery at Daybreak,” was born in 1993 and came to Ryerss Farm for his retirement on June 27, 2019.  He is a bay Welsh Cob/Standardbred gelding who stands 15.1 hands high. In 2007, Avery participated in the Para Equestrian World Championship in Gloucestershire, England.  After that he eventually found his way to the Monmouth County (NJ) Park System where he served as a therapy horse to countless children and adults, spreading his positive energy to everyone he met.  In addition, he spent time doing yoga every day in a class for Veterans.  He always loved doing the downward dog pose!