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T – Z Memorial Horses

Friday, April 27, 2012 @ 05:04 PM
posted by Gloria


Tess Named cropTESS, a roan Appaloosa who arrived at Ryerss Farm on August 26, 2010, passed away on Friday, September 4, 2015.  She was 30 years old.  She stood 15 hands high and had a very sweet disposition. Everyone loved her, and she was a “lady” through and through.  Over her years at Ryerss she had two very close equine friends, first “Gibby” and later “Rambo,” who stayed with her all through her loss of vision until he died.  She carried on alone, however, and came to live at the main barn where she could be watched and given more help by volunteers and staff.

She loved being outside and, until recently, would still trot happily by herself out in a far part of the pasture.  She was definitely a gal who liked to be independent!  Eventually, she lost vision completely  in both eyes and her quality of life deteriorated rapidly.  Tess was humanely euthanized on Fri., Sept. 4, 2015. She will always be remembered by friends, staff and volunteers as one of the sweetest horses ever to live at Ryerss.  R.I.P. Tess.






FEATURE PRESENTATION (“TEX”) was a bay Dutch Warmblood.  He stood 16.1 hands.  Born in Canada in 1980, Tex was a very good jumper and originally brought to the United States for Olympic jumping.  However, that did not work for him.  Tex excelled when he was partnered with his former owner, a girl who enjoyed riding him, usually five times a week.  Together, they competed in many shows, beginning in the equitation division.  He was very comfortable to ride and took care of his rider.  The team went on to compete in jumping, Tex’s area of expertise due in part to his ability to extend his stride.  He retired to Ryerss in April 1999 and spent his time with his friends PR, Double Dare and Smokey.  Tex had a” bigger than life” personality and was loved by everyone at Ryerss.  Tex passed away on March 11, 2011.










TexheadshotTEXAN (“TEX”), a Swedish Warmblood gelding, was retired to Ryerss Farm for Aged Equines on October 22nd, 2012.  He was originally purchased from Phillip Dutton in the spring of 1993.  During his working career he trained with many of the top professionals in this area.  He mostly showed at training level and finished in the top ten at dressage at Devon suitable class.

When Tex retired to Ryerss, he recognized an old familiar friend from a past life.  C’est What and Tex were once boarded at the same facility but were never pastured together.  C’est What had recently lost her dear friend Judd, and she was quick to establish a relationship with Tex.  Together, Tex and C’est  reminded  us of the high school sweethearts who found each other after years of living lives worlds apart.

Unfortunately, on February 10, 2015, we lost Tex due to a colic caused by a twist in his intestine.  Tex was a handsome horse who loved spending time with his best friend, C’est and loved greeting visitors to get treats of carrots and apples.  He will be remembered as a high spirited horse who was always an integral part of the main barn herd.






TIMOTHY:  In March of 2010, Timothy was able to call Ryerss his forever home.  His Mom had predeceased him and he was cared for elsewhere until a stall was available at Ryerss Farm.  Tim was a 33-year-old Quarter Horse gelding with a very long coat.  He was immediately diagnosed with Cushings and put on Pergolide.  The transition was immediate and he started to shed out his heavy coat. 

Timothy grew younger at heart with every passing year.  He found the love of his life in Charming and would protect her vehemently from all their pasture mates. When Charming lost her eyesight this Spring, Timothy wore a sleigh bell on his halter so that Charming had a guide.

Without warning, on the evening of May 20th, Timothy showed signs of digestive distress.  He was diagnosed with a lypoma which so many older horses fall victim to, leaving no choice but to let him cross the Rainbow Bridge. The barn has become much quieter without Timothy’s constant chatter.







Toby-editedOn January 5, 2013, TOBY’S SARGENT arrived at Ryerss Farm.  He was a handsome “red chocolate” Rocky Mountain Gaited Horse, with a flaxen tail and mane, who stood 14.3 hands high. Born in 1991, Toby was a trail horse who enjoyed many wonderful years together with his previous owner, Dot Connors-Storer, exploring the countryside. He arrived at Ryerss the same day as Hannah, his best friend, who had shared his previous life, as they both came from the same stable and their owners often rode out together.  During his years at Ryerss, Toby also became part of the group which included Smartie, Sequence, Pounce and Mingles, four former thoroughbred broodmares with whom he became great friends.  Sadly, on January 23, 2016, at the age of 25, Toby developed severe colic and had to be humanely euthanized. He will be remembered by all who knew him as having one of the most beautiful manes in the barn!  He was a friendly guy and loved treats that the visitors brought to him!  RIP Toby.





 TuckerheadshotcropopedmoreTUCKER (Silver Aly), was a Thoroughbred, son of Alydar,  foaled in May of 1989. Tucker did not have the speed of his sire and therefore was not raced heavily. Once he retired from racing, he spent his years with his buddy, Laramie, on his home farm owned by the Thorington  family in Chester County.  On August 25, 2014, Tucker retired to Ryerss Farm along with Laramie and Crafty.  He lived in the main barn and became friends with the four mares who had also come to Ryerss  from his former home at Maple Leaf Farm.  Sadly, on November 24, 2015, we lost Tucker due to advanced and incurable stomach cancer.  He was 27 years old.  Tucker was a handsome and confident horse who was enjoying his retirement at Ryerss and had settled well into life with the Ryerss  main herd.  We will all miss him greatly.  RIP, Tucker.







VICKI came to Ryerss Farm on October 17, 2010, at the age of 31, with her two “sisters” Mindy and April.  They all retired together after living with the same owner for many years.  Vicki was a black Tennessee Walker with a beautiful tail and mane.  She had a sweet disposition and always looked after Mindy and April (who was blind in one eye). In early years she was a lesson horse, but after she was purchased by her owner, Andrea, life became more fun!  Andrea and her friend Kathy took Vicki and April on many trail rides and adventures.  As the years passed, Vicki became arthritic in her legs and it was hard for her to get up when she would lie down. We lost April on  September 27, 2011, and though she was not with us very long, she left an enduring touch on our hearts.









WARGOD was a dark brown Thoroughbred.  Born in 1983, he was a racehorse with impeccable bloodlines who had an excellent racing career.  He was friends with Olivia.  Wargod retired to Ryerss in May 2001 and passed away on September 5, 2011.












Ryerss lost a special friend on Tuesday, April 10, 2012: WHEATCREST AZADY (“WHEATIES”), our second oldest resident, retired to Ryerss Farm in September of 2006, at the grand age of 31.  Wheaties was a Palomino Arab/Quarter Horse cross.  He had spent his life time as a dressage/pleasure horse and even gave walk/trot lessons.   Wheaties preferred the company of people over that of other ponies until late in his years when he and Smokey became each other’s sidekick.  Because of medical issues as well as their low ranking in the herd, Wheaties and Smokey had a ritual of walking through the barn aisles for the first part of every morning.  They were frequently referred to as “our Golden Retriever and our Chocolate Lab.”  Wheaties also had his own “Mr. Ed” impression and could be heard smacking his lips together as if he were trying to say something.

On Monday, the 9th of April, Wheaties was not himself.  After some diagnostic tests, it was determined that Wheaties had an esophageal obstruction of uncertain origin.  By morning, there had been no improvement, and the kindest thing that we could do was to help him across the Rainbow Bridge.  He leaves behind a host of followers who loved him and will be missed by many for a long time to come.






Wildfire PhotoWILDFIRE  (KAITSENKO) was a 31-year old blanket Appaloosa who had to leave his former home for many reasons.  The biggest hurdle for him was that he was still an intact stallion.  Many people and organizations were involved to make Wildfire a candidate for adoption or rescue.  He had to be gelded and had to have a forever home.  Ryerss became his forever home in November of 2013.

Wildfire made adjustments quickly and enjoyed his new life in his twilight years.  He had lost sight is his left eye many years ago, but was able to compensate with one eye and move through his surroundings. He didn’t really have a buddy, but Boca and Mandy would tolerate him.

As the months went by, Wildfire was losing sight quickly.  He was closely monitored until it was obvious that he had gone blind.  On September 22nd, 2014, Wildfire was helped across the Rainbow Bridge.  Even though he was only here for a very short time, he will be missed by many.






WillyFORMAL AFFAIR (“WILLY”) was a handsome 16.3hh chestnut Dutch Warmblood.  Born in 1987, he held a very active career in upper level dressage, competing in First Level through Prix St. George, becoming Region Two Regional Champion.  He helped his owner win bronze and silver medals in the junior young rider division.  As a five-year-old, Willy won at Dressage at Devon in the young horse classes.  In 1998 he and his partner were team captains for Region 2 of the North American Junior Young Riders Silver Medal Team.  Willy retired to Ryerss in January 2005 as part of  “The New York Seven”, a group of horses who came to Ryerss as a result of a bequest. Willy was a very well-mannered horse, always gentle and friendly to visitors, staff and volunteers.  He spent his days with Elinka, Steffi and, in more recent years, Toby – all his best buddies. 

Sadly, on May 24, 2016, he suffered a severe colic and had to be euthanized.  Willy was a true gentleman and he will be missed and remembered for a long time.






, a 16-hand bay Thoroughbred, was born in 1983.  He was a racehorse, winning 25 races during his six-year career.  When he was four years old, Wolverine fractured his sesamoids (ankle injury), which usually ends a racing career.  But nearly two years later, he returned to the racing world with a vengeance.  Wolverine won 11 of his last 12 starts as a six and seven year old.  After retiring from racing, Wolverine was a stable pony and babysitter to young Thoroughbreds until he retired to Ryerss in June 2005 where he could still be found racing through the fields at Ryerss or just grazing in the pasture.  Unfortunately, his old racing injury returned to give him chronic pain which was not manageable with meds, so he was humanely euthanized at the age of 34. He had a good life and was loved by volunteers, staff and all who knew him.


“S” Memorial Horses continued

Friday, April 27, 2012 @ 05:04 PM
posted by Gloria

SPADES FORESPOT (“SPADE”) was a chestnut Quarter Horse.  He stood 15.1 hands.  Born in 1978, Spade was a true gentleman.  He had an active career as a western pleasure horse, winning many blue ribbons for his riders.  He also worked as a lesson horse and performed barrel racing, pole bending, team penning and trail riding before retiring to Ryerss in September 2006.


















Special Head ShotSPECIAL INTENTION, aka Special, retired to Ryerss Farm on April 12, 2017.  Special was a chestnut Thoroughbred mare, 15.2hh, who was born in 1997.  She spent her early years as a race horse on several local area tracks where she had some success.  Her recent years have been spent living at her former owner Anna Sasso’s farm with pasture mate and best friend Bucky, who also retired to Ryerss  along  with Special, on the same date.  Special had suffered with advanced laminitis which eventually became too painful, despite medication.  She was humanely put down on August 16, 2017.  Special Intention will be missed by all who knew her.  RIP, Special 









SpeedySPEED MINISTER (“SPEEDY”) was a bay Thoroughbred.  Born in 1986, she held a career in racing.  During her career, Speedy competed in 43 races, placing first in 12 of them.  She retired to Ryerss Farm with her best friend, DD, in April 2007. Speedy was a gentle and sweet mare who was friendly to all visitors and devoted to her friend DD. They were always side by side when out grazing in the pastures, always walked together when coming in and had side by side stalls in the main barn. Unfortunately, Speedy suffered from chronic hoof problems that eventually became too much for her to live with or treat in her old age.  On December 16, 2014, she was humanely euthanized. Speedy was 28 years old








StanleySTANLEY: In the fall of 2004, Ryerss became a forever home to an eighteen hand Belgian gelding named Stanley.  In his prior life, he was used in a pharmaceutical study developing an anti-venom for snake bites. It took years for Stanley to trust people because of his past life.  Sedation was added to grain to enable us to get him into the stocks to trim his hooves.

Slowly, over the years Stanley realized that we would not hurt him and trusted.  It was no longer necessary to use drugs for the farrier or dentist.  We were able to halter and lead him(most of the time). He really was a gentle giant and quite the landmark out in the field. 

During the fourth weekend in March, Stanley was not himself. We were unable to pinpoint exactly what the problem was. When you looked at him, he was the picture of health but something was going wrong on the inside which increased his heart rate dramatically.  On Monday, March 24th, 2014, at the grand age of 30, weighing close to 1800 pounds, Stanley was laid to rest.  There will never be another Stanley. 




STAR (YANKEE STAR), an Irish bred Thoroughbred mare, retired to Ryerss Farm in September 2005.  During her time with us, she never had any physical ailments nor was she ever a problem out in the herd. Star could always be found with her buddy, Sonny.  She was as sweet as the day is long.

On Sunday December15th, 2013, Star was showing signs of discomfort.  What was believed to be a mild impaction ended up being a far more serious condition that would only get worse so  she was helped across the Rainbow Bridge with love and dignity. 









STEP OUT PHYLLIS (“STEFFI”) was a grey Thoroughbred.  She stood 16 hands.  Born in 1984, Steffi held a varied career including racing, dressage and pleasure before retiring to Ryerss in June 2002.  She spent her time with best friends Willy and Elinka.  Steffi passed away on August 4, 2011.











SUGAR was a 15-hand sorrel horse.  Born in 1965, Sugar still holds the title for the oldest horse at Ryerss Farm.  Sugar retired to Ryerss in June 1991 following a career in western pleasure and trail riding.  A calm and quiet horse, Sugar enjoyed being ridden fast and was known to out-run Thoroughbreds.  Sugar never looked for trouble, but she considered herself the boss.  She could be found out to pasture with her friends, Skippy and Mr. Bee.  Sugar passed away on July 8, 2010, at the age of 45 years!