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“S” Horses continued

Wednesday, April 18, 2012 @ 05:04 PM
posted by Gloria




SMART AND ASSERTIVE (“SMARTIE”), a 16’2hh bay Thoroughbred, born in 1992, began her career as a racehorse for Maple Leaf Farm until being claimed in 1996.  She raced for several more years until her former owner purchased her back to become a broodmare where she produced 7 foals.  Smartie came to Ryerss Farm along with Pounce, Mingles and Sequence in February of 2014.









Sophieheadshot-smallerSOPHIE, a chestnut mixed breed,  retired to Ryerss farm on April 26,  2015, at the age of 21.  She showed briefly in her younger years but a spinal injury put an end to that career and so she spent much of her life living in a pasture with another horse who was her best friend.  She is now part of the Barn Herd at Ryerss and seems to be making new friends and becoming acclimated to being with a larger group of horses than she had experienced before.













Special Head ShotSPECIAL INTENTION (“SPECIAL”) retired to Ryerss Farm on April 12, 2017.  Special is a chestnut Thoroughbred mare who stands 15.2hh and was born in 1997.  She is 20 years old and spent her early years as a race horse on several local area tracks where she had some success.  Her recent years have been spent living at her former owner Anna Sasso’s farm with pasture mate and best friend Bucky, who also retired to Ryerss  with Special on the same date.








SquirtheadshotSmallerSQUIRT is a 20-year- old 13.1H gaited pony, possibly Paso Fino. He was sold from a lesson barn in 2008 because he enjoyed going too fast, which scared most of the kids. He’s been a superb trail companion with his current owner for the past 9 years. He’s had many trail adventures with his horsey friends. He’s very kind and gets along with everyone. He usually can elicit a back rub from most horses he meets! Squirt is always the go-to guy when all his BIG horse friends refuse something on the trail. He never hesitates to walk right past it. Although he’s never been trained on obstacles, he took second place in a trail challenge once when a friend wanted company. Squirt is always the gentleman and has perfect ground manners. He loves to be groomed and will move certain areas under your curry that he wants rubbed. He enjoys basking in the sun, clicker training, and having his face rubbed. Squirt has a sweet personality, and a kind eye just asking for attention and treats!

He retired to Ryerss Farm on Sunday, April 30, 2017.  He is currently living with the upper barn herd in Ryerss’ historic upper barn, just up the lane from the main barn. His best friend is Daisy, and you will often find them together in the pastures. Please visit Squirt when you come to the farm – he is friendly and welcoming to all!










 STAR, a Quarter Horse Cross, retired to Ryerss Farm on August 31, 2011 at the age of 27.  He was a privately owned horse who was passed down within the family.  Star lived at his farm with his girlfriend/pasture mate, Ecstacy, for 12 years.  Star’s former owners thought that he would be heartbroken for weeks after arriving at Ryerss, but as soon as he came off the trailer all you could see in his eyes was delight!  He was happy to see so many other horses around him.  Star lives in the upper barn with 18 other herd mates and enjoys all of his new friends.












SunnyHeadSUNNY, a large 17hh Sorrel Belgian, came to Ryerss in January of 2018.  He is approximately 25 years old and has a friendly and calm personality.  He is currently getting to know the rest of the herd and enjoying spending time roaming the pastures and fields of the farm.  Please greet Sunny the next time you visit Ryerss!














SWEET PEA, a Thoroughbred former race horse, arrived at Ryerss Farm on April 15, 2010, pregnant and desperately in need of rescue.  She came to us through the Animal Rescue League of Berks County and was among a larger group of horses rescued by the League from “terribly neglectful” circumstances.  Though it was feared that she might have a problematic foaling, she surprised everyone and delivered a healthy foal less than a month later.  At the time she was extremely undernourished and her coat was in terrible condition. However, with good food and loving care from the Ryerss staff and volunteers, Sweet Pea was returned to good health and cared for her foal for the next year.  Eventually the colt went to a new home and Sweet Pea became a part of the larger Ryerss herd.  She has made many friends there and lives in the large main barn with over 50 other residents.  She is now happy, healthy and content – a good ending to the story!



























“S” Horses

Wednesday, April 18, 2012 @ 05:04 PM
posted by Gloria


SequenceheadshsotSEQUENCE, a 16.2hh bay thoroughbred, born in 1995, was bred by Maple Leaf Farms for racing.  She was sold as a yearling at the Saratoga Yearling Sale and raced for three years with total earnings of $109,060.0.  In 2002 she was purchased back by Maple Leaf Farm who used her as a broodmare.  She produced 5 foals before retiring to Ryerss Farm in February of 2014, along with her stablemates Smartie, Pounce and Mingles.








SIDNEY is a 16.2-hand chestnut Quarter horse and Thoroughbred cross. Born in 1979, Sidney is known for his “smile.”  Before retiring to Ryerss in August 1997, Sidney walked the trails with his former owner.  Today, Sidney enjoys being out to pasture with his buddy, Jamaica.